Methodological Toolkit

The multi-faceted nature of education in emergencies necessitates research that can adequately capture the complexities of such contexts. This research must therefore be methodologically multi-faceted as well. From 2018 to 2021, we engaged in a large-scale study of partnerships in education in emergencies. We adopted a vertical case study research design that allowed us to uncover multi-scalar processes and overarching themes, along with comparative understandings of different contexts, outcomes, and relationships. Based on the innovative research methods we used, we developed this Methodological Toolkit that we propose as adaptable to researching education in other EiE areas. This toolkit details the research design, data collection and analysis process, offering tips on adapting and applying the methods to answer different research questions in other humanitarian contexts.

Citation: Menashy, F. & Z. Zakharia. (2022). Conducting a Vertical Analysis for Research on Education in Emergencies. Methodological Toolkit. Dubai Cares.

Methodological tookit cover 200 x 309